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top 3 male enhancement devices
First patented in 1911, some modern male enhancement devices (sometimes labeled as penis traction devices) are medically backed to CE standards and are clinically proven to stimulate the reproduction of new tissue cells within the penis.

Easily the most reliable of all male enhancement procedures, the use of a similar technique seen in orthopaedic surgery means users can expect to see results within 7 days of applying this penis traction device to their penis.

Designed to stimulate the replication of tissue cells within the penis chambers, penis traction devices can develop your penis naturally – and more importantly, permanently – growing your penis up to 30% in both length and girth.

During a 24 week period, users can also expect to experience longer orgasms, harder erections, curved penis correction of up to 60% and increased stamina levels.

Some penis stretching devices are able to offer men results within 7 days, with a 30% increase being possible within 24 weeks. In addition, results from penis stretching devices tend to be permanent.

How do male enhancement devices work ?

How do penis stretcher devices work ? Worn on average for 2-3 hours a day, the male enhancement device incorporates a similar traction technique used in orthopaedic surgery to help stimulate natural tissue growth in your penis by subsequently prolonging the tissue of Corpora Cavernosa – for more details see penis anatomy. Building on your penises existing muscle definition and mass, this increased blood flow encourages longer, harder erections that can help men suffering from premature ejaculation, to experience increased longevity in their sexual relationship.

As with all muscles in your body, when they are properly trained they can become more muscular and firm. This same principle can be applied to your penis. By using penis traction devices to train your penis you can experience the lasting benefits of stronger erections, increased blood flow and penile length increases of up to 30%.

Top 3 male enhancement devices review

TOP 3 DEVICES SizeGenetics System ProExtender System Jes-Extender
Rating yellow staryellow staryellow star yellow staryellow staryellow star yellow staryellow star
Size increase 1 – 3 inches 1 – 3 inches 1 – 3 inches
Guarantee YES YES YES
Medically backed YES YES YES
Enhancement exercises YES YES NO
Enhancement pills supplement
(dependent on purchased package)
ProSolution VigRX
Min. price
(applies to device-only-purchase)
350 $ 299.95 $ 249 $ – 1399 $
Customer support Excellent Excellent Very Good
Read our reviews SizeGenetics review ProExtender system review Jes-Extender review
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For more information on pills shipped with mentioned traction devices please read the info page about male enhancement pills.

yellow staryellow staryellow star #1 Male enhancement device – SizeGenetics System

BBC endorsementGQ magazine endorsementChannel4 endorsement

SizeGenetics is a UK-based company that entered the male enhancement market with their top-notch traction device. Even though SizeGenetics weren’t the first to invent the device they were able to bring significant improvements.

SizeGenetics male enhancement device offers the most comfortable mechanism amongst all available products which makes it very easy to wear and use.

SizeGenetics official site

SizeGenetics system contains:

  • Medical Type 1 Traction Device
  • Comfort add-on & Spare Parts
  • Travel case & discreet case
  • Online access to PenisHealth + DVD
  • Real Sex Real People online DVD
  • Seductive Massage online DVD
  • Online access to LoveCentria

SizeGenetics system offers:

  • additional inches to length and girth of penis
  • substantially harder erections
  • greater blood flow in penile tissue
  • increased sexual appetite
  • lasting longer in bed & experience better orgasms
  • improvement of your confidence

Read the full SizeGenetics review

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Best value for money
cartoon stars

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yellow staryellow staryellow star #2 Male enhancement device – ProExtender System

ProExtender was one of the first penis traction devices available. This system is simply very good and delivers results. The only thing we dislike is the locking part that is placed behind the head of the penis. SizeGenetics took a step further and made it more comfortable. Also ProExtenderSystem whole system costs slightly more than other devices.

ProExtender official site

Deluxe ProExtenderSystem contains:

  • Deluxe ProExtender Device
  • 1 Bottle VigRX Pills
  • 1 Bottle Semenax Pills
  • Ultimate Penis Enhancement Guide CD

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yellow staryellow star #3 Male enhancement device – Jes-Extender

Another penis traction device, made from high-quality materials offering guaranteed length increase of average 28%. This device has few minor negative factors which sufficed only to place at #3 position in our male enhancement devices chart.

Jes-Extender official site
Jes-Extender system comes with 6-month money back guarantee just like the top 2 systems. The price is quite high considering that Jes-Extender doesn’t come with any sort of exercising programs or guides, nor any bonuses as DVD or such. Jes-Extender comes in 4 variants which vary mainly in price and materials used. Definitely a good male enhancement device, but nowhere close to perfect.

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